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Hotel Transylvania Crowdtap Party

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a Hotel Transylvania Party for Crowdtap. Let me tell you…we had a BLAST!!!

I had my nephews and niece come over for an evening filled with good food and fun times. We started the night off with food. I had my table decked out in a black table cloth. Spiders and insects covered the table and some of the food along with one of the party favors, Hotel Transylvania bookmarks.



I received two recipes from Crowdtap in the digital party kit. The first was the beverage of the night: Green Sludge Punch. The guest really liked it.



The second recipe in the kit was Scream Cheese Dip. WOW! What a hit! Long after the party was over we were still snacking on it! I served it with tortilla chips.



To go along with the Hotel Transylvania theme I served Frankin’ Fingers. I heated little cocktail sausages in a crockpot with barbecue sauce and honey. Slime From the Swimming Pool in the movie, Frosted Brownies, and lots of candy completed the spread.




After everybody ate, I had the kiddos color pictures that were included in the digital party kit from Crowdtap. Perfect time to digest before the games and movie!

The Games

The first game we played I called Insect Hunt. I told the kiddos that bugs got into the castle and we have to find them all before we can watch the movie. I hid bugs I bought at the dollar store all over the living room. Since there were no “winners” for this game the older kids really helped out the little ones! I was so impressed!


The next game we played was a team event. I called it Wrap the Murray! One child is the “Murray” (mummy) the other child is the “wrapper.” The team that wrapped the best/most at the end of 2 minutes won. The kiddos really enjoyed this game! The giggles were great!




The winners!!

The last game we played I called Balloon Blast. I told the kids the wolf pups were up to no good and stole money from the hotel! They hid them in balloons and it is our job to get the money back! I bought coins at the dollar store. The gold coins = $3, sliver = $2, and copper = $1. The adults helped the little ones count their money. The two children with the most money at the end won. I had yo-yos and silly putty for the prizes.



Movie Time!!!

As the guests started watching Hotel Transylvania I made popcorn on the stove. I also had cute little popcorn bags! Everyone really liked the movie! Even the adults! I highly recommend it to families of all ages!