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Summer outfit! This is my ideal summer outfit because I can go from the playground to the grocery store to just about anywhere!

Summer outfit! This is my ideal summer outfit because I can go from the playground to the grocery store to just about anywhere!

Red tank top

Acne short shorts
$230 –

Sam Edelman leather sandals
$265 –

White watch

Anchor jewelry



Hi there! My name is Emily. I am 26 years old. I have a super awesome husband and 2 wonderful kids. Oh yeah, I also have Petey, a westie with quite a personality. I am a stay at home mom:) It wasn’t always that way. When Chris and I first married I worked at a supermarket as a cashier and pricing coordinator. I was in school for early childhood education. We were expecting our first child. One night I was finishing an assignment and felt strong contractions. I then started bleeding and thought “oh God! This is it we are losing the baby!!!” I was just 25weeks along! We rushed to the hospital only to wait for hours for my doctor to arrive. Within minutes of seeing the situation she decided to fly us to the very closest NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Noah was delivered by emergency c-section. Weighing 1pound 13ounces he was considered “big” for a “25 weeker”! To make a long story short he was in the NICU for 80 days. He is still a lil guy and has multiple disabilities including hearing loss. Petey joined the family a few months later. I was again a stay at home mom…but I was feeling very lonely. A friend of the family is the owner of a gymnastics facility and needed some help. I was employed again!!! I loved working with the gymnasts and cheerleaders. A couple years flew by while my husband was finishing school. Just when we were starting to talk about having another baby…SURPRISE!!! Baby number 2 was on his way. We were so excited and scared. Was this baby going to be a repeat? We didn’t really have an answer for why Noah came early, the doctors thought I may have had an infection…I worked until my doctor said she would be more comfortable knowing I wasn’t going to get kicked or hit. So yet again I was a stay at home mom. I loved it though:) Cayden came on time with no problems! I took the whole summer off after my boy was born. I eventually did go back only a few nights a week. In the meantime, Chris finished school. He got a job over an hour and a half away from the gym. I had to say goodbye and start my life as a full time stay at home mom. We were an hour away from all family and friends. We have now adjusted to life away from”home” (it’s only taken us 2 1/2 years to do it) and life is going great. I am starting new journey as my oldest is about to start kindergarten in a few short weeks. My “baby” is starting preschool at the exact same time!! I know my life as a stay at home mom is going to change when they take those steps into their schools:/

I am starting this blog because I know there are probably a lot of moms out there that may be in similar situations as me. I want a place to share recipes, stories, ideas, and sometimes just plain vent! Talk to you soon!