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How to remove stains from your carpet

As a stay at home mom everyday is an adventure…today my adventure is to get this RED kool-aid stain out of my carpet.

Last week I attempted to remove the stain using a mixture of water and dish soap and salt. First I saturated the stain with dish soap and water. I poured salt on it and let it dry. Then I vacuumed the salt up. It sure did lighten the stain up but I’m definitely NOT satisfied!

Today I will be trying something completely different. I saw a recipe on onegoodthingbyjillee.com for ammonia, water, towels, and a hot iron. Here is a before picture….


I mixed one part water with one part clear ammonia. I saturated the stain with the mixture then placed a white towel on the stain. I ironed the stain…over and over and over…I lifted the towel and….IT BARELY CHANGED!!! How disappointing!

So I sat around moping for an hour and it dawned on me! I decided to mix dish soap with water. I put it on the stain, put the towel on, then I started ironing away. At first I was concerned because there was no sign of the stain on the towel but as soon as I lifted the towel I could see a difference!!!


I repeated the process a few times and look…


I was so excited I started to look for stains:)




2 TBSP dish soap (I used green Palmolive because that’s what I had)
1-2 cups water
Light or white towel
Hot iron