How to remove SLIME!

Now that you made slime it’s probably all over the carpet and your kids clothing, right? Well have no fear! There is an easy solution to removing slime….


Simply saturate slime with vinegar and wipe away!



First remove excess slime from clothing.


Saturate with vinegar. Soak for a few minutes. Then run warm water over the area. Wash like normal.




Remove excess slime.


Pour vinegar on slime. If slime is already dried out let the vinegar soak for a few minutes until the slime has softened. Wipe with a towel and like magic…it’s gone!




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  1. THANK YOU!!! My 6 year old just got slime all over his pants, couch and carpet I was a nervous wreck! Found your pin and grabbed my white vinegar and VIOLA… it came off with EASE!! Thank you so much!

  2. so I spilled a bunch of PURPLE, yes purple slime on my carpet and it was a huge mess! First I used hydrogen peroxide and it worked but not that much, then when I used the vinegar, get this, it turned blue!!! Like wow!!!! But then after scrubbing for a few minutes, totally going away!! Such a good hack! Definitely recommend for people like me who are stupid!!!

  3. I got this, but It explosed In my Backpaxk. Will It still work if I use Vingaer?
    also Would It ever come out!!??

  4. Distilled white vinegar took the slime out of the carpet right away! It really does work well! It saved my carpet! Thank you!

  5. Anyone do the slime bath and get a stopped drain…because we did! Wondering if I need to call a plumber or if the vinegar could work to unclog….

  6. My 12 year old daughter just called me on a panic because some friend of hers at school was playing with slime in class and got it in my daughters hair. She called me crying because she couldn’t get it out. Do you think vinegar would work in hair too??? I don’t know if I should pick her up from school now or wait until she gets out of school…

  7. Oh wow… my daughter was in tears when her homemade slime dried on her lifelong stuffed animal, and carpet. And there was a lot! It was a solid caked layer that would hardly bend, I started to use apple cider vinegar but ran out and had to use regular vinegar. Both worked perfect after working it in. Using a dry paper towel helped as well once it was loose.

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