How to remove SLIME!

Now that you made slime it’s probably all over the carpet and your kids clothing, right? Well have no fear! There is an easy solution to removing slime….


Simply saturate slime with vinegar and wipe away!



First remove excess slime from clothing.


Saturate with vinegar. Soak for a few minutes. Then run warm water over the area. Wash like normal.




Remove excess slime.


Pour vinegar on slime. If slime is already dried out let the vinegar soak for a few minutes until the slime has softened. Wipe with a towel and like magic…it’s gone!




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  1. Thanks so much I got slime on my carpet in my moms room and it is a huge mess but thanks it’s like Magic THANKS again 😁

  2. How do you get super sticky slime off your table, I can’t get my slime off my table! Wait why am I asking you guys,I am an expert slime maker none of you are better slime makers than me, hahaha. I know how to make every slime in existence haha. I love making slime and playing with it all the time hahaha.

  3. Oh my gosh! Thank you! Thank you! I was almost in tears over the dried slime on my fabric footstool. I took a rag and soaked it in vinegar and placed it on the slime. I left it overnight and the next day it was easy to wipe away! So grateful!

    • Saturate the slime and fabric with white vinegar and wipe it off. It should come off easily but if need be use an old toothbrush damp with vinegar after the fabric and slime is saturated and scrub gently.

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